Monday, November 8, 2010

3D Winnie The Pooh and Hello Kitty Cookies


3D Winnie The Pooh and Hello Kitty cookies.
I baked these batch of cookies for my little boy's birthday party.
Hope the children will like them .
Happy Birthday bb!!


  1. So cute... I hv these cutter too.. Is it easy to use? May I know what did you use to wrap the cookie? Thanks. Regards, Celine

  2. Celine,
    the cutters are quite easy to use. Actually that really depends on your dough and the thickness of your cookies that u are making. Thick dough will not break easily but take longer time to bake .

    I used some hard cardboard papers as the base and wrapped with transparent plastic bags.

    Happy baking!!

  3. Thanks for your advise.. Will try b4 my girl birthday see whether my cookies can show to others or not! Hehehe.. I rare do cookies nor cake.. Do bento on daily basic for my 8 yrs old girl to school...


  4. Celine ,

    Wow, so you must very good in making bento. Do you have a blog or facebook to share your bento pictures ?
    Since you are good at making bento so I think baking cookies will not be a problem to u.

    Happy birthday to your girl!