Tuesday, November 8, 2011

X'mas Kueh Lapis 圣诞节千层糕






站在烤箱旁一刻也走不开耐心观察烘培进度,动作也要重复约十多回 ,才能完成一个颜色饱满香味四溢的千层糕。

Kueh Lapis is a all time favourite festive seasons and Chinese New Year delicacy in Singapore.

Also known as Layered Cake, the baking process is extremely laborious and time-consuming as the cake is baked layer by layer. It is important to monitor the progress of each layer meticulously in front of the oven, so kueh lapis bakers usually have ‘Patience’ as their middle names.

The layer is usually paper thin and on top of the great taste, it is really fun peeling it off layer by layer to eat them. Watch your kids do that !  They are bound to lure the adults to join in the fun !