Friday, December 17, 2010

Bento Tools

Seaweed punchers 
Basic tools for making bento with different expressions.


  1. hi,

    I am really amazed by the creative bento receipes that featured in the magazine. May i know where you buy these tools ?


  2. Hi hi Kris ,

    I bought most of my tools from Daiso, some are gifts from my friends when they went overseas.

  3. Thanks, I am going there now !


  4. Hi, last 2 week I went Daiso and only got limited seaweed punchers. Those craft punchers from Daiso can be used? Safe to use for food?


  5. Hi hi ,

    I got most of mine from Daiso and I will grab when I see any new designs. Ya... their stock are not very consistent,so just get when they have. You can also try to get wider range craft punchers from popular bookstores.If you are using that for bento , please use them only for foods do not use for other craft works.

    I think it will be quite safe if u only use the punchers for food and don't mix them for multipurpose. If you really want you can get seaweed punchers made in Japan online but they are quite costly.

    Happy bentoing

  6. Thks! Yup I will just use the puncher for food purpose.

  7. Hi hi ,
    Btw u can always clean your punchers by using a wet cloth and dry it with a hairdryer.This will help to keep the punchers clean too.

    Cheers !

  8. Hi, your bolg give me lots of inspire of making bento..thank you very much!!
    btw, may i know where can u find this 3 designs (light blue,black, light pink)of punches? i think it cut out a big designs right? bcoz i am finding this 3 emotion, and i can't get it!!
    thank you

  9. Hi hi,

    My friends helped me to buy from Japan when they were there, price around $20plus.
    I had seen Daiso selling expression punchers which are cheaper , they have total 4 different designs , maybe u can try there.
    There are some online store that u can try too