Sunday, July 1, 2012

Curry Puffs 咖喱角




Curry Puff  
(Source : Make Your Own Pastry)

Potato         500g
Curry Powder    2 tbsp
Chilli powder    1/4 tsp
Chicken        200g
Soy Sauce    2 tbsp
Salt        1 tsp
Sugar        1/2 tsp

Pastry :
Dough A
Plain flour    200g
Margarine    130g

Dough B
Plain flour    500g
Sugar        50g
Margarine    200g
Water        180ml

Filling : 

1) Wash and peel potatoes. Boil until cooked and cut into cubes.

2) Heat 4 tbsp oil in wok. Tip in curry powder and chilli powder and fry  until fragrant. Add in chicken, potatoes and stir fry. Add in soy sauce, salt and sugar and fry until cooked through. Remove  and set aside.

3) Dough A:
  Combine all dough A ingredients and knead into smooth dough. Divide into small balls.

4) Dough B:
  Combine all dough B ingredients and knead into smooth dough. Divide into small balls.Wrap Dough A with Dough B.

5) Flatten dough into rectangle. Roll up into cylinder, fold length-wise  into half and shape into ball. Wrap up  filling with dough and twist patterns along open edges.

6) Heat 2 bowls cooking oil in wok. Deep fry curry puffs until golden  brown.


  1. wow~! it looks delicious~! gotta try out one day!

  2. Thanks, pls try and let me know!