Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sweet and Sour Prawn 酸甜虾

Sweet and Sour Prawns

Prawn                                 300g
Green Pepper                      20g
Tomato                                20g
Oil                                       2 tbsp

Tomato sauce                1 1/2 tbsp
Oyster Sauce                 1tbsp
Chilli Sauce                    1/2 tbsp 
Sugar                             1/2 tbsp
Salt                                a pinch
Cooking Wine                small amount

1. Heat oil in a frying pan with medium heat. Put in the prawns and fry until cooked.

2. Add in tomato and green pepper and stir fry for a short while.

3. Add in all seasoning , stir well to coat the prawns . Ready to serve.


  1. My mum used to cook something very similar when I was still living at home, and I loved it...!

  2. Hi Cooking Gallery,

    I had been to your blog , I am so impressed by your bentos , they are really cute and nice!!

    Ya...sweet and sour is one of my favourite dish too. It it simple but delicious.

    Do drop by more often!
    Happy bentoing!

  3. This is one of our family's (from my time and now to my girls'!) all time favourite too! :D
    We love it with lots of ketchup + sliced red onions but ours don't include oyster sauce and cooking wine though... maybe I should try out your recipe.. :)

  4. Hi Lyn ,
    My recipe is just agak agak only but still can eat. Ha...

  5. haha I guess majority of our recipes are all in agar-ations (estimations) with no exact amount! :P
    Especially those passed down recipes...
    As long as our family members like to eat the foods we cook, we'll be too happy to bother exactly how much seasonings we need to add right! xD

  6. True , that‘s how we learned from our mummies ,right? Afterall,if not salty add more salt or soy sauce,if not sweet add more sugar!Ha.... u will manage to get the correct taste in the end! This is real life cooking in my kitchen.