Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Day Bento 复活节便当

Easter Day Bento

     昨天有位网友给我留了封email , 她问我说会不会制作一个有关复活节的便当,我回她说应该不可能。我一般不会做季节性或节日的便当,因为不要给自己太多的“压力”,我喜欢比较随意,按自己的时间而定。但经她一提,脑海里总是浮现一颗颗复活节的彩蛋,哎哟!干脆拿起笔来,把脑里的构思画出来,今天就动手做了!那一篮的彩蛋,我搞了蛮久时间,时间有点超过我的预算,还有只小兔子没法完成,只好用小旗子来代替。哈。。。其实我并没有庆祝复活节的习惯,对于这个节日的了解也并不多,希望它算勉强符合主题吧!

P.S : Candace ,
I hope you will like my Easter Day bento ! :o)


  1. I like I like ...
    The basket was so cute ...

  2. 董夫人 :


  3. what a lovely basket of eggs! :D
    btw, do u know what's the purpose of those artificial coloring flavored paste? I bought some but still doubting to use them to make those colored egg sheets...

  4. Lyn:
    Artificial coloring paste I think they are use for baking purpose. Normally I try not to use too much colouring both for my bento and baking. I try to use natural foods colour even though the colours may not be as bright as artificial colour paste. After all the foods that we make are for our love one, we want them to look nice and also healthy

  5. ya it did stated on the bottle that it's for baking, cookies, cooking etc...
    as I've never use these before & u did bake sometimes so I thought u might know.. hee.. :P
    yes u're right, our main purpose of making bentos for our kids is to let them have more healthy home-cooked food!:D Normally what kind of natural food colorings did u use for your cooking?

  6. Lyn,

    I love baking pandan chiffon cake but I insist on using only pure pandan juice not pandan paste or colour.
    I am quite scared when I see too "colored" foods. :0(
    Of course it is easy to just drop a few drops of artificial colour and get nice bright colour then to use natural colour which are not very consistent. I am still trying very hard to insist on this.

    Purple sweet potato for purple , pandan leaves for green , pumpkin for orange etc...

    Happy bentoing !
    Btw , likes your self-made picks too!


  7. Tks for much for your advice ^.^
    so far I only tried using the pandan leaves for Nasi lemak but the color really didn't turn out very well, must add alot I presumed but scared it'll turn out bitter... lolz
    will try using the above food u mentioned the next time. Have a great weekends! :D

  8. Lyn ,

    Enjoy your weekend too! Cheers!

  9. i like you colourfull egg basket. nice to know you

  10. Oen,

    Thank u!Been to your blog , you can nice beautiful bento too !!

    Happy Bentoing!!Do drop by more often!

  11. Hi hi Pikko,

    I had been to your blog. So impressed by your bento making. A lot to learn from u ! And thanks for sharing.
    Happy Easter Day!!

  12. hallo...

  13. Jenny LoW problem !我喜欢你的文字,当然还有你的cooking.

  14. Hihi, I really like to visit ur blog! Not only have got nice, cute, creative bentos to see, also have got fun, cute conversations too! xD
    Feel so warmth... :)

  15. Lyn ,

    Ha....even though we do not know or seen each other but most of the blogging mummies are very friendly. I love the way they communicate too!
    Sorry I think I can express myself better in Chinese! Don't mind my "rojak" blog with broken and a lot of grammar mistakes English. So long u understand what I am talking about it will be ok. Ha.... btw u really do bento everyday?

  16. Yes & u're one of them! :D
    No worries, I always translate into English bcoz I don't really know how to read Mandarin although I'm a Chinese! *blushing* :P
    that's why I always comment & reply in English.. hee... :P
    No, I don't make bento everyday, only on days when my girl need to stay back in sch for extra activities or whenever I feel like making.. if not very soon I'll become a panda! lolz
    How about u?

  17. sorry for some of my short-forms bcoz already so used to it (can type faster! keke) but when I'm blogging, i'll try my best not to do that bcoz not everyone can understand my short-forms... :P

  18. Lyn ,

    No problem, u can always comment & reply in English in my blog , both of us just stay comfort with whatever languages we want to . Ha....
    For me no need , I only do if I feel like doing or during some outings. Normally the bento that I do will be son's lunch when he is back from his school.So u wake up very early to do bento ?

  19. true true.. as long we able to communication... :)
    I stay up on those days I make bentos for the gals, that's why I told u, if I were to make for them everyday, very soon I'll become Panda.. haha.. bcoz I can't wake up so early at 5-530am! Even if I'm able to wake up that early, by the time I finish, my gal will be late for sch! :(
    I'm slow in making things when it comes to arranging & decorating... hee...
    But next year onwards, I can't stay up & need to wake up early to prepare bentos already bcoz my younger gal will be entering P1, one in am session & the other, pm session. I'm going to be superb busy preparing bentos, sending & fetching non-stop! Thinking of that, I'm drop dead liao! lolz

  20. Lyn,
    Wow u wake up so early to prepare bento! 好用心!
    Have u try preparing some of the deco the night before so that it will easier the next morning?

    Next year just do occasionally for them , they will be happy too!

    Happy Day!!

  21. Dina ,

    Thank u ! I had been to your blog , a lot of nice and healthy bento ! I like your healthy snack bento so much . I will drop by your blog more often to get healthy and nice food ideas!!

    Happy Day!!

  22. Tks Teddy for your suggestions, I'll try that in order to make sure both my girls still able to have their bentos although they're in different sessions next year :D
    I'm thinking if Messy don't mind, she can have her share when she get back home after sch.. hee..
    Have a nice long weekends! ^^